5 Things That You Should Know Before Buying A Golf Rangefinder

Golf is a sport that requires a high level of dedication from the player. It takes a lot of time and money to buy the right club and club fitting for you. The same thing goes for your golf rangefinder. It’s not possible for you to know which one is the best golf rangefinder for you. But you can definitely be picky if you know these things about your rangefinder.


1.    They worth a lot of money

Definitely, you will start to think that you can buy a good camera for your own joy or even a smart phone with that money. Investing in a golf rangefinder will take you nowhere else other than the golf field. Set the budget in your mind that you would need to spend around $300 for a basic rangefinder that does nothing other than measuring the distance and 600$ for a good one that has many different functions.

If you can’t invest decently in your rangefinder, you don’t have to buy one. People have been playing golf for years without the help of a rangefinder. Although it would take more time to play and to develop their skills.

2.    Some models can measure more than just the distance

The reason why the price range of rangefinders is so wide is that expensive models offer a lot of amazing features. Not only they measure the distance, they can tell you a lot more about your surroundings: the speed and direction of the wind, the steepness of the hills, how to make a slope, etc.

Other than that, expensive models are often made of a durable component that helps your rangefinder to stand strong and has a long lifespan. Some models are water resistant and shock-resistant so that you don’t have to worry too much if you accidentally drop your rangefinder onto the ground or submerge it in water.

3.    Tournaments

It has been argued a lot whether best golf rangefinders are allowed to use in tournaments. Now, it appears that each of the tournaments have their own regulations about how rangefinders should be used. Some will provide you with their own rangefinders. Some allow you to use a rangefinder as long as it only measures the distance. Some forbid the players to use a rangefinder.

No matter what the regulations are, you need to have a proper research before you intend to buy a rangefinder in tournaments. If you want to be safe, buy one that can only measure the distance.

4.    Used for many other purposes

Besides from golfing, rangefinders were originally designed for military and constructing purposes. It helps to save people’s breath from having to manually take the measurement. A rangefinder can provide a precise result of the distance. So although it is mainly used on the golf field, your rangefinder can still be used for other purposes when you need it.

5.    Many people still stick to GPS

If you are not willing to pay for a rangefinder, you can pay to subscribe for GPS programs that would still tell you about the golf field and the distance.

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