The Meanings Of Numbers In A Golf Ball

It is very easy to see that every golf ball has numbers on it. Although numbers in a golf ball might be different from brand to brand, each ball will have at least one number printed. Generally, there are three main types of numbers printed on a ball: single-digit number, double-digit number, and

triple-digit number. Let start our discussion about the meanings of these types of numbers.



If a golf ball has only one number printed on it, it is more likely that such number will be a single digit number. This number could be from 0 to 9, but in most cases, it is most likely to see a 1, 2, 3, or 4 printed on a ball. This number will almost always appear right below the brand name of the golf ball. The single digit number is usually printed in black, but sometimes in red color.

What is the meaning of a single digit number printed under the brand name of a ball? Well, I have to admit that such a single digit number has no special meanings. It is just an identification number, and nothing more than that. That means you could use this number as a way to identify the ball during golf game. To make it clear, let take an example. Imagine that you and your friend use the same brand of the golf ball – a Titleist Pro V1. Hence, in order to distinguish the two balls, you and your friend will use the balls with the different single digit number. That means, you could choose a ball with a “1”you’re your friend uses a ball with a “3.”

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A double digit number, if it is printed in a golf ball, will indicate the ball’s compression rating. Even though compression has been no longer considered as a major selling point, some golf ball manufacturers still decide to print this on their golf ball products. If you see number 70 or 80 in a ball, that ball is a wound ball or a “ladies ball” and male golfers will not buy it. The compression rating used to be two or three digit number, but nowadays, if you could find them on few brands, certainly they are to be double digit numbers.


Sometimes you might see a triple-digit number printed on a golf ball, these numbers are usually greater than 300. Such numbers indicates the number of dimples is on the golf ball. It is also important to emphasize here that such number does not really give you any kind of insight into the ball’s quality or performance. However, some manufacturers still prefer to brag about their dimple patterns, and that is the reasons that they include such number on their balls.

In short, a single-digit number on a golf ball is just for identification. A double-digit number, if any, will illustrate compression rating. Finally, a triple-digit number will indicate the number of dimples.

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